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About Festiva TV, Radio & Magazine - Watch today's hottest artists in the Latin, International & US music scene

About Festiva TV, Radio & Magazine

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Festiva TV, Radio & Magazine

Festiva's radio, television and digital channels bring you music that you like and the best rhythms from around the world, while offering a vast selection of music across a multitude of genres. With the myriad of audio, video and entertainment of the Festiva brands, there is a combination of music, streaming concerts, and social networks, while celebrating popular trends and introducing emerging artists at the local and international levels, just as it does with famous artists.


Watch your favorite music videos from today's hottest artists in the Latin, international and US music scene. Festiva TV features the greatest content in music videos, entertainment, concerts, live performances, interviews, behind the scenes with festivals, award ceremonies and much more.


Festiva Radio brings you the music channels that you like and the best rhythms from around the world including Tropical, Urbana, Hip-Hop, Baladas, Azteca, CentroMusica, Top 40, Brazil, Haitian and more. Learn more at


The Festiva brands for consumers continues beyond music. Visit our affiliated entertainment and news portal for the latest in trends and news at

We have even introduced a 24/7 shopping experience called Festiva Shop! Watch anytime anywhere, and stay tuned for more information and new product offerings from Festiva Shop.

About Global Media Federation:

The Festiva brands are brought to you by Global Media Federation (GMF). GMF is a multi-faceted media communication company that develops and launches compelling brands to audiences using television platforms, streaming and mobile devices through exclusive portals for digital radio, news and entertainment. GMF has a heavy emphasis on music, events and entertainment. GMF also has business units that provide platforms for independent artists, providing marketing services, promotions and audience participation, as well as initiatives for launching new products into the market.

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